Mount Batur 

Following our Ubud stop, we ventured on to Mount Batur. We had a really clear day when we visited. We were lucky to have lunch at a restaurant that overlooked this amazing volcano. Oddly, this was the first day in Bali I actually felt chilly. The altitude change really made a difference. The view include Mount Batur, a lake and then an even larger, active volcano.  It was a pretty spectacular view.



Ubud is quite a wonderful place to see. With its mix of markets filled with arts and culture, it’s a vibrant area that shouldn’t be missed. There is also a Sacred Monkey Forest! When walking through this area, you come across so many different monkeys. They are playful, but mischievous – so you have to make sure you bags are closed! 

Through the tour of Ubud, we had a chance to stop by a rice paddy field and a coffee plantation. The rice fields were something I’ve never seen before. They were impressive, beautiful even. The coffee plantation was informative – we had a tray of various samples to taste-test, including the famous lewak coffee! It’s definitely unique… If you can get past the idea of how it’s made, it’s worth a try!