That time in Kyoto…

… When I dressed up in a kimono and walked around for a couple of hours. Loved the experience, so many layers! The socks weren’t the most comfortable and the shoes were a little difficult, but I’d do it again! I’m really looking forward to visiting Japan again in the future. I can’t believe it’s been about a year and a half already! 


Mount Batur 

Following our Ubud stop, we ventured on to Mount Batur. We had a really clear day when we visited. We were lucky to have lunch at a restaurant that overlooked this amazing volcano. Oddly, this was the first day in Bali I actually felt chilly. The altitude change really made a difference. The view include Mount Batur, a lake and then an even larger, active volcano.  It was a pretty spectacular view.

Layover in Hong Kong

We planned our honeymoon to start the day after we got married. With the way it worked out, our flight was scheduled for 1:45am on October 9th. Needless to say, we had an extremely busy day followed by a long flight. 

En route to Bali, Indonesia, we had a 5 hour layover in Hong Kong. Prior to getting there, we discussed trying to explore the city in the time we had. We didn’t have solid plans and as we landed and walked around the airport, we got a little nervous. We took up some time calling home to let everyone know we were safe. After 30 mins of waiting, we decide we could do it. We quickly got ourselves through immigration and went to the train kiosk. I really wanted to get to Victoria Pier, but after looking at the route, I wasn’t sure about timing. We decided on Hong Kong Station. The trek was straight forward and quick. We got to see some of the city in a short time – but it was worth it. I’m happy we took the risk and saw what we did. It’s somewhere I’d like to see more of on another travel adventure. 

Sometimes taking the risk is worth it – you never know what memories you can make!