Layover in Hong Kong

We planned our honeymoon to start the day after we got married. With the way it worked out, our flight was scheduled for 1:45am on October 9th. Needless to say, we had an extremely busy day followed by a long flight. 

En route to Bali, Indonesia, we had a 5 hour layover in Hong Kong. Prior to getting there, we discussed trying to explore the city in the time we had. We didn’t have solid plans and as we landed and walked around the airport, we got a little nervous. We took up some time calling home to let everyone know we were safe. After 30 mins of waiting, we decide we could do it. We quickly got ourselves through immigration and went to the train kiosk. I really wanted to get to Victoria Pier, but after looking at the route, I wasn’t sure about timing. We decided on Hong Kong Station. The trek was straight forward and quick. We got to see some of the city in a short time – but it was worth it. I’m happy we took the risk and saw what we did. It’s somewhere I’d like to see more of on another travel adventure. 

Sometimes taking the risk is worth it – you never know what memories you can make! 



On October 8, I married my best friend. Dan and I have been through so much together. Friends for 10 years, dating for 8 years, investing in 2 homes and now, the biggest commitment of all – marriage. Like any couple, we have our ups and downs. But we do love each other unconditionally. This day was truly, one of the best days of my life.

We tried to plan something simple. We did a city hall ceremony with our immediate family. It went smoothly for the most part (some technical issues with music) but we enjoyed it and celebrated this intimate union with our loved ones. 

After the ceremony, we hosted a lunch reception for family and friends. We did lunch because our honeymoon flight was that night. We aren’t ones who like attention on ourselves so we were nervous for the reception. It actually came together well thanks to our great friends that were coordinating. Dan and I were both very happy with the outcome. We are looking forward to many more special days together.

Little late, but all in good fun – Engagement Shoot.

We have some amazingly talented friends. In that, I asked 2 of my very dearest friends to do our photography at the wedding – and I’d do the editing. Upon asking, they excitedly asked to do engagement photos as well (something I didn’t even think about). We decided to combine it on the day we did our bachelor/bachelorette event – which was a wine bike tour in Niagara on the Lake.  I can’t even express how great this day was. Taking photos, doing the tour… It was so much fun! The photos were beautiful and the overall memory of this day will last with me forever. 

How quickly summer and fall went by…

The last few months have been so busy and full of change. So much has happened.  I’ll fill you in on the highlights in the next few posts.

[picture above] on August 11, 2016, we moved into our new home! Such a hectic process, but we were so happy when we walked in and were able to breathe and say “home sweet home”. There was a bittersweet moment when we left the keys to our first home on the counter for the new owners, but we were very proud of our accomplishments.

Weekend Feast

Summer days are great for hanging out with some drinks and good food.  My sister stopped by Saturday.  Dan BBQ-Ed (don’t have a picture!) and my sister prepped a delicious salad and mussels.  I made dessert – banana bread topped with cream cheese frosting and walnuts. Overall, a pretty good meal. Can’t wait for more hot days and food get together  🙂