Night at the Bali Zoo

We signed up to do a night tour of the Bali Zoo, which included animal interaction, tour, dinner and a show. It was pretty neat to see the zoo after hours. It was quiet as there were no other guests but the group. Upon arrival, we received welcome drinks and had the opportunity to take pictures with a boa, 2 chimpanzees and an owl. We learned a bit about the animals and how they came to the zoo. 

After the welcome event, we were then able to meet Terry the Sumatran elephant. We were able to feed him. He was a picky with certain types of food and would just toss it aside if he wanted something else. Nevertheless, he was still sweet. (I love elephants :D)

Next, we proceeded on the tour. Seeing a zoo at night feels very different than in the day. A different perspective for sure. Some animals were more lively, others more quiet. Our tour ended outside of the lion’s are where 3 snoozing lions slept. We then proceeded to our dinner buffet and settled in for a fire show.

The fire show’s story and dance were done very well by all of the talented performers. We truly enjoyed it. The way in which the performers moved was mesmerizing – something I definitely couldn’t do. As the show came to an end, so did our events of that night. We took a group picture with the dancers and then made our way back to our hotel for the night.


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