Temples and Sarongs

After Mount Batur, we headed to a few temples. Each location required us to wear sarongs to cover our legs. Our tour guide told us a bit about temples and offering and their significance to the Baliense people. Majority of people practice Hinduism. There are 3 types of temples – a family temple, a village temple and a public temple. Above is a picture from a public temple, which is typically dedicated to all gods. It’s large, and many people come to visit and pray.

Above is a village temple. Every village has about 3 of these temples – they are meant for the people of that village. The three Gods per temple would usually be Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The above picture is from a family temple, which is within the home of a Baliense family. This particular temple was set in a traditional Baliense home (which were were lucky to visit, explore and experience). Family temples are for worshipping God and ancestors.


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