Crossing the Atlantic – My First Time on a Plane (London, England)

Many people don’t know this, but the first time I travelled via plane was when I was 21 year old in June 2010. My parents weren’t able to travel with 3 children. Most of our trips were within Ontario or driving to New York to see relatives.  I decided that as a graduation present to myself (for completing undergrad), I’d take a trip by plane to Europe. 

A friend was able to come along with me, so we decided on England and France. I took 2 weeks vacation from my summer job and headed to Europe.  She went a few days before me (I waited to attend my graduation ceremony) and we met in London.  We stayed with my aunt (a little drama there, but nonetheless we had a great time). Overall, we saw a lot in London before catching our flight to Paris.  Things to note – Oyster Cards are very useful for transit and getting a phone SIM card doesn’t cost too much either.  The London Eye gives a great view of the city. And pub hopping is easy – just be careful not to leave your phone in a bar (a really nice guy found my phone and returned it!) 


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