See beyond those trying to bring you down.

Some people are not worth it. Not worth the stress; not worth the conversation; not worth your time. Don’t hinder your day with someone else’s problem. Don’t let their negativity, their cynical perspectives, bring you down! Be positive, stay happy. Accomplish your goals and work with those who share that same positivity.


Live for today

Live each day to the fullest – you honestly, truly never know what tomorrow will bring. Stop pushing off “dates” with friends, visiting family, appointments at the doctors…etc. Do it today; do it now (if you can). In the blink of an eye, that moment can be gone. Take advantage of the blessed life you’ve been given.

September 1

New month, new set of priorities!

Tomorrow marks my two year work anniversary. I want to take a little time today to think about my progress, my achievements and any mishaps that may have happened along the way.

Also, this is going to be a busy month – got a lot to do at work, but also need to finalize our Japan trip – we leave October 2!! I cannot wait. I’m looking forward to this trip more than anything else right now. So close… yet so far! Eeeekkk!

I started to go to the gym again yesterday, it’s been 2 months since I last went -__-” I really need to keep myself in line this time. No more slacking. I could already tell that my muscle strength was lower and my stamina for running wasn’t so great (ended up getting a cramp 7 minutes in so I did interval running to ensure I made it through the 30 minutes. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit seamless – I will do my very best to stick to it this time! (I think my want to “splurge” and eat as much in Japan should help with this motivation).