Simple day so far – relaxing, no stress.  I hope it stays this way!  Celebrating with my family soon.  Wouldn’t ask for anything more 🙂


Good-bye, 26.

Last night as a 26-year-old. What am I doing?  Watching the food network… and enjoying every minute of it. Good night, world.

Good Morning

When I say “good morning”, I’m being polite. I say it in general context to everyone I see in that moment. However, when I don’t get a response back, it doesn’t make me angry or annoyed. It just shows me a difference between you and myself. I grew up in a household that was based on common courtesy and manners. When you choose to “ignore me”, that’s okay. That is your choice. When I leave this evening, I will say “good night” to you. Again, the choice to respond is entirely up to you. At least I know that I took it upon myself to reach out to you – even if it wasn’t reciprocated.

And I will do the same – tomorrow and the day after and so forth.

40 years.

Dad: I should check on my RSPs
Me: Ahh.. you know they dropped quite a bit.
Dad: Market was up today, I should still check.
Me: True. I feel like I’m going to lose what I have in there. It wasn’t even supposed to be there – it was supposed to only be for the house. I can’t take it out without penalty now.
Dad: You don’t need to worry about that. Markets fluctuate all the time. You’ll get it back.
Me: Hmmm… I guess so.
Dad: I need to worry, I will need mine in 12 years.

/end conversation.

I was just hit with an interesting realization. Dad is 55. He retires in 12 years. He STILL has 12 years to work. That’s a lot of time. I just realized that I’ve barely made a dent in my “work life”. I’m 27 this Friday. I was in school from ages of 4 to 22. Pre-school to post-graduate. 18 years of my life were in school. I’ve only been in the professional working world for 5 years. And I have another 40 years to go. Wow. Writing it down seems to make it more “reality” than thinking it or vocally expressing it.

Time. Precious Time.

There literally is not enough time in a day. A week. A month. A YEAR.

My whole life I’ve been told that time will “get the best of me. It’s something precious.” I never understood that. I was always bored or looking for multiple things to do to keep my days busy.

However, after revisiting this blog – which has been well over a year – I can finally say: I understand.

Time, that precious entity of life, something we all take for granted; it has gone by faster than I can possibly fathom. From March 2014 to now – it’s been a year and 5 months. I’ve done so much, seen so much, and experienced so much. If I wrote daily like I promised myself I would, I would have documented a fantastic year of life.

It’s never too late to try again. And… that I will.