Summing up 6 months…

– Dan and I bought our first house. It’s a new build detached home by Mattamy. It will be ready in December 2014. We’re super excited for this!
– Attended and worked my first out of country trade show in Chicago. Had a chance to meet my USA and German team. Great experience.

October, November
– Kind of a blur. There was a lot to learn at work before the old owners left.
– Found out grandma (paternal side) was really ill.
– Got my G drivers licence (about time!)

– Organized Company’s Christmas event – it was the best turn out they’ve ever had!
– First year we did not really celebrate Christmas at home due to grandma’s condition.

– First big trade show, training and events organized by myself, manager and sales rep in GTA area.
– Met with our German team – lots of discussion about marketing initiatives and possibility of heading to Germany for meet/greet and tours.
– New office building finalized for work! Our new location is a lot closer to where I live = shorter commute as of April 2014 (finally!!)

– Lots of internal work and planning at work
– Getting a chance to meet vendor’s and touring facilities
– Went to the Ripley’s Aquarium
– Attended the Autoshow for the first time
– Grandma passed away February 23rd 2014.

– This month just started but its been exhausting. I want to write a post separately to kind of review how my life has been for the past week and a bit.


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