Summing up 6 months…

– Dan and I bought our first house. It’s a new build detached home by Mattamy. It will be ready in December 2014. We’re super excited for this!
– Attended and worked my first out of country trade show in Chicago. Had a chance to meet my USA and German team. Great experience.

October, November
– Kind of a blur. There was a lot to learn at work before the old owners left.
– Found out grandma (paternal side) was really ill.
– Got my G drivers licence (about time!)

– Organized Company’s Christmas event – it was the best turn out they’ve ever had!
– First year we did not really celebrate Christmas at home due to grandma’s condition.

– First big trade show, training and events organized by myself, manager and sales rep in GTA area.
– Met with our German team – lots of discussion about marketing initiatives and possibility of heading to Germany for meet/greet and tours.
– New office building finalized for work! Our new location is a lot closer to where I live = shorter commute as of April 2014 (finally!!)

– Lots of internal work and planning at work
– Getting a chance to meet vendor’s and touring facilities
– Went to the Ripley’s Aquarium
– Attended the Autoshow for the first time
– Grandma passed away February 23rd 2014.

– This month just started but its been exhausting. I want to write a post separately to kind of review how my life has been for the past week and a bit.


Nosy Nosy…

So, I totally failed with this endeavour… I’m disappointed and I do want to start this project again, I just need the right time.. Perhaps April 1st? I’ll see if that’s possible.

To be honest, I barely remembered my password to login. I actually forgot I started this… Guess who brought it back to my attention – Dan. That’ nosy boy, lol.. I don’t know how he found this site, but we were watching tv last night and he was like “Look!”… I’m thinking, OH NO, WHY ARE YOU VISITING MY BLOG?!?!?!

He seemed to have a good time bothering me about it. He was like, “we need to fulfill your goals by 30!” Then he saw the Kokomo song goal and went on to say “how can we see these 6 more places in only 4 years??” I agree with him, that was an ambitious one, but hey, it’s good to dream..

I’m proud to say that after my last post, I did accomplish goal number 7 – Dan and I purchased a house! We don’t get it until December 2014, but still, I’m proud of us for this.

So much has happened since September. I will write a “6 months in review” piece and post it soon.