5am to 11pm.

5am – wake up
6:15am – leave home
6:38am – catch train
7:40am – get on subway
7:45am – street car
8am – arrive at work

8am to 4:30pm – New job, day 2:
* Diving into a newsletter project
* Proofing artwork for my new business cards
* Meeting with a company for a potential new product line
* Exchanging ideas with VP GM and sales rep for brand changes/projects
* Coordinating flight for trade show in Chicago
* Product training (part 1)
* (On top of that, I still need to organize desk and folders [offline/online] as well as map out a marketing plan for re-brand strategy and an ad/print schedule).

4:30pm – leave office
4:40pm – get streetcar
5:15pm – catch train
6:00pm – picked up at station
6:15pm – home

6:30-8pm- Dan and I started looking over housing plans – we saw some pretty good deals. We’ll probably look more into this tomorrow.

8pm-10pm – Master Chef!
10:15pm – shower
10:45pm – in bed
10:50pm – blog
11pm – sleep!

Overall, the day flew by! However, I started my day at 5am…. I really should get some sleep. I need to schedule a proper time to head to bed.


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