Jamaica and new goal.

Gotta lose the 5lbs I gained from “all you can eat/drink” in Jamaica!!!

It was an amazing trip though. I’ve been back since Sunday night but it’s been hectic.

Finally went for a run after 3 weeks…not as fast as before but I did 5.3km in 33:39. I think the best I did so far was 5km in 28:20… I wonder if I can train to get it to 5km in 25mins… New goal!!

I’ll post a few Jamaica pics soon. Night!!! Yay, tomorrow is Friday!


A few hours until Jamaica Mon…

I don’t know what made me think packing last minute was a good idea… I hope I have everything… So exhausted, I’m going to crash for a few hours and then get going again!

The days keep flying by!

Ahh so much for my 365 project!!! Between my new job, French classes, house hunting and prepping for my vacation I’ve barely had any time just to sit down and relax! I’ve gotta say though, I’m loving the fact that I’m busy again and that things are on the go. For a while, I was pretty bored with the slow pace. I just need to keep in mind that rest and “Kim time” is essential – I don’t want a break down lol.

Maybe instead of 365 posts (one post a day) I can post multiple to ensure I post 365 times in one year… Hmm… I’ll see if that is manageable.

Time to make some “adult” decisions.

We went to get an assessment for a mortgage.  Found out some pretty interesting things.  Also, we went to check out the building site.  Now, we need to wait for the particular lot we want before we can make an offer.  I wonder how long that will take.

I completed my first week at my new job – there are so many opportunities for growth (for myself and for the company).  I have so many ideas and I can’t wait to get them out to my management team!

Adult life is interesting; it’s challenging.  This past week has been filled with events and situations that will greatly impact my future.  I have a feeling that this year will be a pivotal point in my life!

5am to 11pm.

5am – wake up
6:15am – leave home
6:38am – catch train
7:40am – get on subway
7:45am – street car
8am – arrive at work

8am to 4:30pm – New job, day 2:
* Diving into a newsletter project
* Proofing artwork for my new business cards
* Meeting with a company for a potential new product line
* Exchanging ideas with VP GM and sales rep for brand changes/projects
* Coordinating flight for trade show in Chicago
* Product training (part 1)
* (On top of that, I still need to organize desk and folders [offline/online] as well as map out a marketing plan for re-brand strategy and an ad/print schedule).

4:30pm – leave office
4:40pm – get streetcar
5:15pm – catch train
6:00pm – picked up at station
6:15pm – home

6:30-8pm- Dan and I started looking over housing plans – we saw some pretty good deals. We’ll probably look more into this tomorrow.

8pm-10pm – Master Chef!
10:15pm – shower
10:45pm – in bed
10:50pm – blog
11pm – sleep!

Overall, the day flew by! However, I started my day at 5am…. I really should get some sleep. I need to schedule a proper time to head to bed.

New job; new toy.

First day at my new job today!  Definitely some great opportunities to come from it – I’m excited.  The only negative – the commute!  It’s so much longer than I’m used to but in time it will become a habit. 

Also, I got my ipad mini today 🙂  I’m really grateful to my parents and my old boss (and friend) Susan for contributing.